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If you have got this far and are still interested in learning more you must be experiencing some challenges which you are hopeful Neterian can resolve; Don't worry - we will!

Are you frustrated at the lack of visibility in your pipeline or business? Missing targets and not knowing why? Spending your time as an admin junkie just to facilitate data collection? Leads falling between the cracks? Quotes taking too long to pull together? Pipeline has a lack of credibility? Is your cashflow inconsistent? Your home work-life compromised due to paperwork?

If any of the above resinate with you, we're not surprised. Neterian was conceived by business professionals running businesses and working at the coal face who needed answers to the issues above and many more; not only to simplify their working days with more professionalism and greater control of what was going on but for their sanity too!

Review the videos below which will demonstrate a sample of the power and ease of use of the Neterian solution.

Our Product

Lead ManagementPlayLead Management

Bulk uploads, single entry or enquiries direct from your website, tracked right through the system to generating an opportunity. Simple, single screen, lead update with task generation provides full audit trail of activity and status classification. An inspired lead 'Tracker' gives real-time ROI based on lead source.

Quote GeneratorPlayQuote Generation

Probably the most comprehensive, intuitive, quote generator on the market, with in-built version control. Quotes can be constructed in seconds via a simple, price book pick-list then automatically pipelined by month and sales weighting. Your quote transforms into a professional PDF ready to send to your prospect, giving that wow factor.

Real-Time PipelinePlayReal-Time Pipeline

Populated by real-time quotes, filter by; Owner, Customer, Predicted close date or by Revenue or Margin. Accurate predicted forecast based on conversion ratios and actual values. Opportunities are colour coded to provide visual health of pipeline identified as; risk, verbal, secured, invoiced and paid - seeing is believing.

Pipeline TrackerPlayPipeline Tracker

You can update your pipeline at anytime, giving complete control of your forecast. The tracker allows you to see what has moved in and out of a period, what keeps sliding to the right and how accurate your sales forecasting is. A completely traceable system with no more guess work or gut feel, just fact.

Opportunity OverviewPlayOpportunity Overview

Review all your opportunities in one easy to read table. Whether active, draft, awaiting sign-off or parked for later customer re-engagement this powerful overview gives you the ability to fine tune opportunity management for greater control. Viewed and filtered by many different criteria such as; owner, size, most profitable, sales status or next action.

Manage My DayPlayManage My Day

The home tab displays your performance against target, gives you a complete summary of your leads and opportunities, you can track and manage all of your tasks, review activity against opportunities since you last logged in and even update yourself on any warnings displayed against price book changes.

Accounts and ContactsAccounts & Contacts

Having a parent child relationship within the accounts functionality allows you to view your customers by single account or parent company. View your accounts by trading history, leads, opportunities and contacts. Contacts will have all the associated information you will need, 'My Contacts' will allow all your personal contacts to be unique to your log-on.

Central PricebookCentral Pricebook

Manage your products centrally, alerting users logging-on of price changes. Pre-date price changes and set promotions for a defined sales period. Each line item can be linked to another, allowing for recommendation at quote stage, assisting to up-sell. Suppliers can also be set against each item to auto-generate supplier PO's when a sale is secured.

Low Cost of Ownership

When Neterian was being conceived there was a common thread amongst the business founders; Firstly, they didn't want the frustrations they had experienced previously from being sold a product and or service only to find out that what they had actually purchased was the 'engine' and to meet their needs they had to invest heavily across the estate for bolt-on modules. Secondly, they didn't want to buy licenses for directors and other personnel around the business just to view data, or risk licence sharing which compromises audit trails and security.

As and when new modules come to market from Neterian they will be priced on a per seat basis, not forced estate-wide and will be a fraction of the monthly fee; sensible and reasonable. We offer unlimited free ‘view only’ licenses, meaning you won’t be penalised in sharing customer data more widely across your employee base, staff will not be encouraged to share licences, and your audit trail remains intact.

The Neterian solution is a fully hosted system so requires no costly install, purchasing of licenses or upgrades; if you can access a web browser, you can access your dedicated Neterian account. The competitive monthly license fee also covers free email support during normal business hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Neterian will not contact you to 'upsell' support services.

We want you to be advocates of the system - happy users are our 'pipeline' for referrals and lead generation. We want you to truly believe you have value for money!

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