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Xn Leisure
Xn LeisureCentralised Sales Team Management and Real Time Business Information. A business transformation project for a Leading IT supplier.

Xn Leisure Systems Limited is a total solutions supplier to the Leisure industry, providing IT solutions to Health and Fitness clubs within four main sectors of Local Authority, Trust, Education and Facilities Management. Xn Leisure has been trading for over three decades and currently has 37 employees.


Xn Leisure, in partnership with Neterian, has successfully deployed the Neterian solution across its field based sales, internal sales and professional services teams. The objective of the deployment was to streamline the business whilst offering consistency in quote generation and at the same time offering increased prospect and customer visibility across the business.

Jason Watts, Xn Leisure Sales Director, states “Over the years we have tried several systems to automate the sales teams, but none met our requirements and expectations of automation until we were introduced to Neterian”.

Xn Leisure were previously using a well known sales automation tool but due to the way the system operated had to use several proprietary spreadsheets alongside the solution. In an attempt to improve their ways of working and gain better ROI from the investment, Xn commissioned one of the suppliers well paid consultants to explore options and adapt the solution. The outcome was a surprising revelation; the consultant stated that the proprietary spreadsheets Xn had devised were more capable of providing quotes and central pipeline information than their tool! Of course there was the opportunity to upgrade, use an API and get closer, but this was obviously at a cost which was too onerous as a long term commitment.

Xn Leisure’s brief was to provide a central price book with consistency in quote generation, with the necessity for version control. The wish list continued with supplier PO generation, pipeline management, lead management and the need for project managers to ‘call off’ part orders from quotes to pass ready for invoice.

Following a demonstration, Neterian was identified as being able to fill the brief and replaced a leading sales automation tool at Xn Leisure. Jason continues, “Neterian has certainly met my expectations and is totally different to anything I have seen or used before. I now have my finger right on the pulse with real-time sales data, and we now even use Neterian to drive our sales meetings”.

Neterian provides Xn Leisure with a central price book with several hundred lines of catalogue items. A simple, spreadsheet-like pick list allows the sales teams to create complex and professionally presented quotes within minutes. The sales owner states when they expect to close the business, and the pipeline is automatically populated. Jason can now see in either Revenue or Margin the pipeline in real-time, manage against forecast and quickly identify troublesome accounts with Neterian’s unique way of tracking via the pipeline overview. Jason is also able to see all pipeline changes and movements since any given date, and is able to instantly trace these back to a specific person and action.

Once Xn Leisure close or book an order with a Purchase Order the opportunity centric Neterian system really starts to pay dividends; The project managers within Xn Leisure can use the items identified and confirmed on the quote, now as a customer order, to call off and invoice as delivered, tracking all items in the process. The usual administrative overhead and burden of a project management team is now fully automated. Tracking of supplier PO’s, which are automatically generated from a secured quote, coupled with a comprehensive tracking of all project movements offers great operational efficiencies within the department.

“In the business, we have amalgamated approximately six different tracking spreadsheets into one simple product, eliminating costly re-keying issues and getting greater visibility and control of the business and, oh yes, best of all; Everyone enjoys using Neterian!”

Du360Du360 is an IT Reseller Supplying customers with a broad range of products and services.

Our customers speak to us every day, tasking us with supplying anything from a single laptop, to a new network, hosted infrastructure or server array. All our customers expect excellent, responsive service, whenever and wherever they need it. From a tiny start-up 6 years ago, du360 is now a respected solution provider.


As an IT reseller, du360 need a solution which enables the sales team to produce quotes and proposals quickly and efficiently, to track sales pipeline and to provide visibility of upcoming projects to the rest of the business.

Too many opportunities are generated to respond and track manually, and the speed of response on Neterian means that a customer can request a quote and have it delivered to their inbox in a matter of seconds, often whilst they are still talking to our team!

Our workforce is mobile – primarily out of the office onsite with customers. As Neterian is a cloud-based system, they can carry on working: providing quotes, loading orders or updating their pipeline wherever they may be and on whatever device they may choose. Returning to the office with a pile of admin tasks or having to update sales managers over the telephone at the end of the day is a thing of the past.

Kevin Drew, Managing Director, said “as we grew, it became evident that we needed a sales automation engine – we were too busy, and the volume of business too great to carry on using spreadsheets and we needed a single view of all activities which everyone could access. We tried other providers, but they didn’t meet our needs – some were too cumbersome to use, others too slow to implement. We needed a solution which was as flexible as we were and could match our speed of response to the customer – Neterian became that solution and has grown with us as the business has developed”

Caretree Ltd
Caretree Domiciliary Care Agency Providing agency staff to care for people in their own homes.

This sector is often in the news for the wrong reasons, with agencies providing bad quality care or carers not turning up at all. Caretree's stated aim is to prove that care can be delivered to a high quality standard and is delivered, in the words of the founder and Managing Director, Linzi Prendergast, “How we would want care to be delivered to ourselves”.


A critical part of running a business with mainly field based staff is knowing exactly what the staff are doing and then ensuring that the customer's bill is accurate.

To achieve this goal, accuracy is absolutely critical. There are a number of systems available to Care Agencies, but the vast majority focus on just scheduling and the delivery of care. Care visits can often just be added. Neterian takes a different approach, linking care scheduling back to the quote, and on to the invoice.

Neterian's end-to-end process ensures that all customers are initially given a quote detailing exactly what they should expect and how much it will cost. Once a Purchase Order has been entered, Neterian links to the (Neterian built) scheduling system ensuring that the correct work is scheduled.

Once the care is delivered, Neterian ensures that the clients are billed exactly what was delivered. As a result, any customer invoice query is dealt with quickly and confidently as Neterian's invoices link directly back to the quote, eliminating re-keying issues attributed to many other systems.

Caretree's income is made directly from selling carers time. Neterian makes it easy to track the monthly revenue. Margin is also tracked easily as the cost associated with each carers vist, such as their pay, travel expenses and other overheads are configured as a cost of sale. As a result, Caretree are able to see at a glance what their run-rate is and track it closely from day to day.

Linzi Prendergast stated, “I've used a number of IT systems in the Domiciliary Care sector; Neterian is by far the easiest to use, the most comprehensive and works in a way that just makes sense”

In a recent Care Quality Commission inspection, the inspector made specific positive note of the IT systems in use, including Neterian. Linzi Prendergast continued, “Neterian contributes significantly to the high quality reputation Caretree now has.”

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